Gambling games have always had some ambiguous nature in the judgmental eyes of society. For starters, they have often been understood as something that is part of the social underground. On the other hand, they have often been related to high society, luxury, and aristocratic way of life. The problem with gambling is that both of the mentioned views are perfectly correct. Gambling has always been something risky and dark, but it comes with privilege.

The thing that intrigues me the most about the entire concept of gambling is precisely that ambiguous nature of it. Why? The entire matter of gambling is is a matter of your choice, your way of approaching it. Gambling can be something sinister if you make it so. Also, it can be a real royal experience if you approach it that way. It really all comes down to your decision.

It is very intriguing to discuss for what reason and why gambling is considered a matter of high class, aristocracy, and luxurious way of life. We can assume that it’s an obvious fact that gambling can be afforded only by those who have a lot to spare. However, I wouldn’t agree with it entirely. I’d rather say that gambling is something often tied to high-class because of the fact that it brings you extreme excitement through testing the philosophical boundaries of our existence. Why am I getting philosophy into this topic? Well, let me elaborate.

Since the dawn of time, we have always wanted to somehow find out for sure if our lives unfold by chance or they are built by our free will. Is there something that is pure fate? Does such a thing exist?

Gambling Games and Mystery of Existence

I have always nurtured two big passions in my life, the one being history and mythology, and the other is black metal. So naturally, I often get involved into various articles and books about religion and philosophy. Thus, I’ve reached the conclusion that one of the biggest questions that we as humans have before us is the question of free will. Does it exist as absolute or it has a mysterious companion? As for me, I have never managed to answer this question for sure. All I can say is that I guess that our fate is some fusion of predetermination and our decisions.

So why was I making such a big intro of my interest in philosophy? Well, because that interest is what drew me to experimenting with gambling. As I realized why I wanted to try out casino games, I saw at the same time why gambling was often so popular among artists, musicians, wealthy people, and so on. I understood that all of those people, probably, just like me, wanted to test their fate. They wanted to see how pure coincidence and fate danced together. I can tell you that, yes, they do dance an enchanting dance! Are you ready to dance with the Devil? Are you ready to discover the delight of gambling and find out what is so irresistible about some casino games?

The Satan’s Wheel

I have to say it honestly as it is — the initial thing that intrigued me to try out the game of Roulette was the fun fact that numbers featured on the Roulette wheel all add up to 666. When I discovered that this casino game was based on the Number of the Beast, I thought to myself — I want to spin that wheel! Of course, that initial interest that I had for Roulette derived from a fascination with a fun fact, trivia, and mostly the humor in this fact. However, when I really tried the game out, I realized why it is so popular!

Roulette in Casino

The game of Roulette is one of the most exciting, thrilling things that you can experience. When the ball spins, you can see before you how the ball is playing with your fortune and ruin. Everything happens so fast, but in your mind, it feels like an eternity! You find yourself so excited that you can hear your heart pounding, and your eyes are focused on that small white ball that jumps across the wheel.

Besides all that excitement and rush of Roulette, the whole casino etiquette is so fascinating to me. Visiting a casino is not just a fun evening out; it’s more of a sophisticated way to have expensive fun. You have to dress properly, to know when and if you can enjoy your drink at the table, and to know how to treat employees and dealers the right way. Of course, this kind of fascinating experience exists only if you pick the right casino. Not all of the casinos offer such a luxurious experience. By the way, be sure to always look for European Roulette, aka French Wheel, because American Roulette has the worst RTP since it features two zeros!

Snake Eyes Watching You

Now we are moving on to a pretty serious casino game and one of my absolute favorites. The game of Blackjack is not your classic gambling game where you just roll some dice or watch the ball deciding your fate. In this game, you can actually control the stuff! Now, yes, a significant portion of the game is based on coincidence, but you are still the person who decides what to make of the card you get.

I’ve seen a lot of online articles and comments by various bloggers and gamblers that say that in Blackjack you can’t do much, that it’s really a game of wild chance. Well, I don’t really agree with that, not from my personal experience. You can learn how to salvage your situation in this game. You can pick up the tricks and learn how to get the best out of it.

Blackjack game in casino

However, the best part about this game, at least in my opinion, is the fact that it’s a tense, one-on-one duel between you and the dealer. Basically, out of the battle between you and a live dealer, you just have to come out victorious. So, no, you don’t have to get that magic twenty-one number necessarily, you just need to be better than you opponent, that is, the dealer. This is why the level of excitement is sky-high in this game — you are in the duel based on wild fortune, skill, focus, and knowledge. Blackjack is a battle in which you can win only with your perfect focus, task-solving, and impressive memory. However, when it comes to battles, there is one more casino game that is a true battlefield of skill.

The Dead Man’s Hand

I guess that you all know how a game of Texas Hold’Em Poker looks like! It’s so popular, classic, evergreen game for a big reason. In this game, you are showing off your skills, your problem-solving abilities, and yes, your abilities to read other’s faces, expressions, and emotions.

Scull with cards

I enjoy playing it from time to time, mostly because the game is demanding and challenging. Also, I love all the allure around poker in general and the fact that it’s so true Noir, old-school pastime. However, the level of thrill is not the same for me with Blackjack and Texas Hold’em Poker. Somehow, Blackjack makes you lose yourself in the game entirely; it grants you a unique casino experience. When you play Blackjack, you always feel like you are so close to victory and that you need just one more good decision. That’s something that doesn’t exist in other casino or card games.

But what is special about Texas Hold’em Poker? Well, first of all, your fate depends almost entirely on your decision making. I said “almost” because unpredictable things can always happen, and that’s the thing that transforms the game in such a rollercoaster of emotions. In Texas Hold’em Poker, can take things under their control, a lot, but you can always get so surprised by the outcome. In my opinion, it’s one of the most dynamic table games out there, a true test of your poker skills. However, I came across a lot of people who prefer Pai Gow Poker or Caribbean Stud. I can understand why some Stud poker games are so popular, but for me, Texas Hold’em brings the highest thrill!

Win Some, Lose Some, or Get Dirty Rich

You have probably already figured out that I enjoy real casino experience — the whole charm around it, such as etiquette, interior, and the excitement of live games. So I’m not a big fan of online casino gambling; it somehow doesn’t have the same thri   ll. However, I came across a few games that made me change my mind a bit. One of those games is the online slot Spirit of the Inca. What’s so special about it you might ask?

Well, the game has a pleasant and creative design, and it’s easy to understand how paylines work. Also, it has a progressive jackpot! Now, for those who are not familiar with the term, let me explain. A progressive jackpot in a slot means that you have a chance to trigger a jackpot that’s been building up for a long time out of money from all of the players who have ever played it. So you can start to realize how big amount of cash we are talking about.

However, after I started to play the Spirit of the Inca from time to time, I accidentally came across an interesting thing. The game provider, RTG, has many slot games with progressive jackpots. Most of those games work on a similar principle — you play your game, and you can randomly trigger the progressive jackpot that has been building up for who knows how long. So this interesting fact made me change my mind a bit about online gaming.

Double Up or Quit

So I’ve chosen to put video poker at the bottom of my top list for two reasons. The first reason is that it’s always better to play poker at a real, live, casino table. So video poker can’t be at the top. However, the game is too good to be excluded from the list, so I had to find a place for it. Finally, what’s the deal with video poker?

Video poker games are more or less only machine-based gambling games in which you control the outcome at an impressive level. However, video poker is something that you will play mostly when you want to have a fun evening at home. For me, playing video poker at online casinos is exciting, fun, and a nice way to pass some time. However, I don’t like old-school video poker machines in casinos. I don’t like the concept of bothering myself to go all the way to a real casino, passing all the fun tables just to sit at a machine.

Now, there is something that makes playing online video poker games especially exciting. These games demand skill, but they also often give you some bonuses and promotions. So if you know how to get the best out of these bonuses, you can really earn some cash. Well, maybe not some crazy big amounts of cash but enough to make your gaming worth a while. Basically, video poker is an online gambling game that gives you absolutely the highest chances of winning, simply because your skill has something to do with the outcome.

A Farewell Note

Since I have elaborated on the nature of different gambling games, explained how they work, and what I like about them, you might ask — Have I found what I was searching for? Have I answered some of my philosophical questions, have I found out more about the nature of our lives? Well, yes and no. Gambling still hasn’t revealed itself in front of my in the form of some magical explanation of how things work in life. It hasn’t really told me if our life is a matter of chance or our decisions. However, it did show me something important — looking for all of those answers in the games of chance is especially thrilling!

Gambling is exciting; it is a unique and classy way of playing with your fate. If you wonder if gambling is for everyone, I must say that it’s not. Gambling is somewhat a devilish craft because it can give you a lot if you know how to be the master of yourself, your behavior, being, your life. However, if you don’t have self-control, a lot can be quite devastating. So after all of my experience with card games, casinos, and online games, I can say that gambling is an exquisite way of having a great and memorable time if you don’t become its servant, but the master of it. I guess that that’s the reason why gambling is a matter of privilege but not in the way people might initially expect. It’s not a thing of impressive funds but impressive control! After all, all of the excitement of casino games exists only if you don’t let it hurt you and cost you a lot.