A lot has happened since black metal originated in the eighties. One of the more recent examples of incredible black metal bands is Mgła from Poland. Translated from Polish, the name of the band wound be “fog.”

The band was founded in 2000 by Mikołaj Żentara, a multi-instrumentalist who goes by the stage name M. Usually, during the recordings, M. and the drummer Darkside would do all the work. However, during live performances, they are accompanied by The Fall who plays the bass guitar, and E.V.T., who is a guitar player.

Early Days

Mikołaj Żentara or M. founded Mgła in 2000 with the drummer Dariusz “Daren” Piper, his bandmate from his other band, Kriegsmaschine. They recorded two demos, but they remained unreleased. Names of these two demos were Northwards and Necrotic. They continued recording with other bands and eventually released their own two EPs. Daren left the band during 2006, and he was replaced by Maciej Kowalski, who goes by the name Darkside, who still plays in Mgła.

In 2008, the band signed with Northern Heritage Records under which they released all four albums (three that were released and one upcoming). The first album named Groza (Terror) was released in 2008.

Touring, No Solace, and New Albums

While the band initially started as a project, M. used to play both lead and rhythm guitars and sing, while the drummer played percussions and drums. They probably doubted the possibility of going on real tours and gaining praise and fame through this “side” project.

It wasn’t until 2012 that the band started touring across the world. The tour was a promotion for their second album called “With Hearts Towards None,” and it gained them access to one of the most appreciated black metal festivals across the globe — Brutal Assault that is held in the Czech Republic. They were left with no choice but to hire more band members since all of the instruments on albums were played by two people. In 2012, Michał “ShellShocked” Stępień, also known as The Fall, joined the band as a bass player, and three years later, Piotr Dziemski or E.V.T. joined as a lead guitarist for the live shows. From 2012 until 2015, Silencer played lead guitar before being replaced by E.V.T.

Mgla Perfoming

During 2012, M. and Darkside decided to create their own label called “No Solace” that had the goal of cataloging all the releases of both Mgła and Kriegsmaschine.

2015 was the year they released their third album named “Exercises in Futility,” which is probably the most impactful album to date. After its release, they went on tour across North America. The album also received praise, and people compared the band to early Burzum and Dissection.

Age of Excuse

Their fourth album will be released in 2019, and the band announced that the name of the album would be Age of Excuse. They already released a new single from the album called Age of Excuse II. The single is available on the No Solace channel on YouTube.

Interestingly, the names of the songs bear names according to the album, so this is the second song from the newest album, and if they follow their previous template, the third one will be Age of Excuse III, and so on.